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There is a better way to attract new talent Anyone who's worked in HR knows the challenges faced in finding qualified talent to fill hiring roles. Typically technology in HR is no more than a job listing website paired with hands-on agents on the phones making the connection between employer and job seeker.
ATF Group started it's journey exactly this way, however, it's boss, Atti Infante had a much larger plan in-mind; Pairing Artificial Intelligence with automated systems to target, attract and drive qualifying candidates so well that companies can reach-out to suitable talent quickly and effectively giving the power of recruitment agency teams to the employer.
Fast forward 6 years and the technology developed along the journey is now assisting employers all around the world. Enfusing blockchain adds a new dimension to the technology by expanding the exposure across a decentralized platform. We use Blockchain to reach out to more qualified job seekers by having websites such as creemit.com and gapmarks.com which enfuse forward-facing customer outreach with our backend CIPS automated posting systems.

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