Your first step on the path to registering your company in China is the company name registration department; given the fun title of: The State Administration of Market supervision or in Chinese 国家市场监督管理总局Website:<

There you'll simply register the company name you'd like to use, and no, you can't register a company with an English name in China, It must be Chinese! Furthermore, company names in China must follow a strict format;<

  • First 2 Characters: The City where the company is registered, e.g. Beijing
  • Next 2 or 3 Characters: The part you choose. Can be a name, or a synonym to your English company name.
  • Next 2 or 4 characters: The kind of company you are registering. e.g. Consulting or cultural media
  • Last 2-4 Characters: Always Company LTD, 有限公司 or 公司

So a Chinese company name in full may look like: <

北京白云咨询有限公司:  Beijing White Cloud Consulting company limited.<


Finally, All WFOE company types for the ending are as follows (choose 1 to complete your company name + add 有限公司):<

1. Science and technology:


Science and technology, education science and technology, biological science and technology, agricultural science and technology, Electronic Science and technology, network science and technology, biochemical science and technology, laser science and technology, energy saving science and technology development, energy science and technology, environmental protection science and technology, medical science and technology, etc.

2. Technical category:


Technology, Environmental Technology, Agricultural High-tech, Detection Technology, Information Technology, Economic Technology, Fire Protection Technology, Engineering Technology, Electromechanical Technology, Biotechnology, New Energy Technology

3. Culture:


Culture, Cultural Development, Culture, Cultural Media, Cultural Exchange

4, Consulting:



Consultation, Management Consultation, Information Consultation, Investment Consultation, Education Consultation, Architectural Design Consultation, Cultural Information Consultation<


5. Training:


Training, technical training, business management training, computer technology training

6. Design:


Design, Architectural Design, Home Decoration Design, Tourism Planning and Design

7. Services:


Service, Home Economics Service, Business Service, Labor Service, Conference Service, Wedding Service


Real Estate Brokerage Co., Ltd.

8. Advertising:


Advertising, Advertising Media

9. Business and trade:


Trade, trade, clothing and apparel, knitted textiles, decorations

10. Trade:


Import and export trade

11. Leasing category:


Rental of construction machinery and equipment, car rental

12. Engineering:


Engineering, Construction Engineering, Decoration Engineering, Landscape Greening Engineering, Lighting Engineering, Communication Engineering

13. Logistics:


Logistics, Logistics Transportation

14. Management:


Management, Investment Management, Enterprise Management, Catering Management, Management Consultant, Financial Management

15. Maintenance category:


Maintenance, Electrical Maintenance, Mechanical Maintenance

16. Mechanical equipment:


Mechanical equipment, office equipment, fire fighting equipment, automatic control equipment, mechanical and electrical equipment, heating and cooling equipment, environmental protection equipment, test equipment, power equipment, laboratory equipment

17. Printing:


Printing, Printing Design, Printing Technology, Printing Equipment

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