Embarking on the adventure of setting up a Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE) in the enigmatic land of China is akin to stepping into a labyrinth of red tape and bureaucracy. But fear not, brave entrepreneur! The path to establishing your business empire in the Middle Kingdom can be as swift as the legendary Chinese dragon if armed with the right scrolls of paperwork.

In the realm of corporate quests, you might assume that the list of documents required to register a WFOE would be as long as the Great Wall itself. However, you'd be surprisingly mistaken. The truth is, the Chinese business guardians have streamlined the process to such an extent that you only need two key artifacts to unlock the gates: a passport copy of the legal representative (with Chinese embassy apostle) and a passport copy of the appointed supervisor. These 2 documents are enough to get a Chinese LTD company without being present in China.

As part of the  service we provide we assist with all the nuances of setting up a company in China and let you focus on running your business. We help with locating an office and negotiating lease contracts as well as government negotiation and accounting management and supervision. Now, without speaking Chinese you are able to fully operate a Limited company as a 100% foreign shareholder accessing the entire Chinese market of 1.4 billion people.

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