The procedure for obtaining an export license is a convoluted one, with multiple steps and requirements that must be fulfilled. The MOFCOM is the governing body responsible for issuing export licenses, but only if the FOB price quotations have not been selected. To be eligible for an export license, companies must first be recognized as exporters by the MOFCOM and register with the local foreign trade department to become a Foreign Trade Company (FTC).
Then, they must submit written applications to the Ministry of Commerce, which must include a variety of specific details related to the export items, such as their name, specifications, destination, quantity, unit price, total amount, delivery date, and form of payment. Additionally, the application must include information about the type of company, including the original contract or copy for the FTC, and approval by the competent department for foreign non-trade companies.
It is crucial to ensure that all required documents are in order before submitting the application. For instance, exporting books and magazines requires the approval of the publication department, while exporting famous paintings or other types of art requires approval from the Ministry of Culture. When applying for an export license as an FTC for the first time, copies of the establishment approval and company regulations must be provided.
Once the application is verified and found to be complete and compliant with regulations, the applicant must fill out the People's Republic of China export license application form. Finally, within three working days of receiving the application forms, the authority will issue the Export License of the People's Republic of China.
Goods in China are classified into three categories: permitted goods, restricted goods, and prohibited goods, each with different export license requirements.
Permitted goods are automatically licensed, but restricted goods require license approval or annual quotas for control and regulation. In contrast, the exportation of prohibited goods is strictly forbidden and cannot be traded by FTC.
The list of prohibited goods is defined by various authorities, including the MOFCOM. Exporting from China to Northern America, Europe, or Asia requires a deep understanding of each country's specificities when it comes to importing goods from China. Sino Shipping's expert team can provide reliable information about customs clearance, goods control demands, and import license or permit requirements.
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